Neonatal Death

While many births result in healthy mothers and babies, some sadly do not. The challenges that come along with a traumatic birth, miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion are monumental and deserve to be given compassionate space in which to grieve while being supported unconditionally.

Jennie Isbell Shinn

The Chrysalis Company
Trained Spiritual Director, Master's Degree, Quaker Seminary
Trained Yoga/Massage Therapist

Jennie Isbell Shinn has been practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching since 2004. Long ago, she served as a birth doula; she has experienced miscarriage, and gave birth for the first time at age 42. Jennie is a licensed massage therapist, a Reiki master/teacher, and a graduate of a Quaker seminary where she focused her studies on spirituality and the body. She offers massage, bodywork, yoga therapy, and spiritual care to support women in transition. She has a special call to serve women who have experienced miscarriage and other second chakra traumas.

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