While many births result in healthy mothers and babies, some sadly do not. The challenges that come along with a stillbirth are monumental and families deserve to be given compassionate space in which to grieve while being supported unconditionally.

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Oak Bluffs, MA

Aimee Blood


I am a photographer, previously in business but more recently just as a hobby or for close friends.  My favorite clients are expecting mamas & their new babies.  I offer simple in-hospital photos of baby, and outdoor maternity sessions.  I would also like to offer my services, free of charge and at any time of day or night, to parents who deliver a stillborn, a baby with poor prognosis, and maternity photos for those who know their journey in advance.

I am mother to four, one of whom was stillborn.  We are so grateful for the photos we have of all of our children, especially our stillborn son.  I believe that my professional and personal experience could add joy to new parent's experiences and give a measure of comfort to those who are faced with saying goodbye to their baby.

Lindsay Russo


I moved to the island with my partner and our two young children in the summer of 2010, and right away we knew we'd found our forever home in this community. Since then we've had two more children, and one of them was stillborn.  Needless to say, we cherish the photographs we took of him that day and are so grateful that we have the opportunity to look back on the images of his birth. As a mother, a photographer, and someone who has been through this experience, I feel so honored to be able to provide other families with the opportunity to cherish the memories of their littlest ones, too.